March 6, 2009

Thai 101 Giveaway: อัญมณีแห่งชีวิต by อัญชัน

It's time for March's Thai 101 Giveaway. Who doesn't like free stuff, right?

This time around, up for grabs are two copies of the short story collection อัญมณีแห่งชีวิต Anyamanee Haeng Chiwit ("gems of life"), by อัญชัน Anchan, the pen name of Anchalee Vivatanachai (อัญชลี วิวัธนชัย). Read about her on Thai Wikipedia (no English yet), or in the preview of Who's Who in Contemporary Women's Writing on Google Books.

This collection won the 1990 S.E.A. Write Award. (A second collection, ลายสือ Lai Sue, was on the S.E.A. Write shortlist in 1995, too.)

To enter the drawing, send me an email at rdockum [at] gmail [dot] com, telling me your favorite Thai word. It can be based on any criteria of your choice. Sounds nice, fun to pronounce, looks good on paper, tastes good on a sandwich.

You have two weeks to enter. I'll announce the winners shortly after Friday, March 20.

If you don't care to enter for the drawing, you can always share your favorite Thai word in a comment instead. I'll kick things off: I remember a few of my favorite Thai words from my first weeks of learning Thai were กระตือรือร้น and เปลือยเปล่า. I read the Mary Haas dictionary a lot.

If you're selected, I'll email you to request your mailing address. If you've won something in the past, you're still eligible. Open to anyone in the world. (If I start giving away heavy books, I'll have to change that, since the postage is on me.)

I picked these books up at last October's book fair. They're not used, but they've got some shelf wear.

Speaking of book fairs, we're only three weeks from the National Book Week Fair (งานสัปดาห์หนังสือแห่งชาติ). I'll be making the rounds there as usual, expanding my collection and looking for something suitable for April's giveaway.

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