March 17, 2009

Three days left for the Thai book giveaway

I'm back from Malaysia. Turns out there were a few days without Word of the Day posts. I didn't get them written ahead of time like I'd planned, and then the Windows installation on my laptop somehow got corrupted while I was abroad, so I was completely offline for a few days.

In other news, a quick reminder that this Friday is the deadline to enter for the book giveaway. I'm giving away two copies of อัญมณีแห่งชีวิต Anyamanee Haeng Chiwit ("gems of life"), an award-winning short story collection by อัญชัน.

To enter, send an email telling your favorite Thai word to rdockum [at] gmail [dot] com. The full details are available here.

And remember, the drawing is open to anyone in the world. Postage at my expense.

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