March 27, 2009

Word of the Day: วงดนตรี /'woŋ don'trii/

Word of the Day for Friday, March 27, 2009:

วงดนตรี /'woŋ don'trii/ n. band, music ensemble

In Thai, a band of musicians is called a "circle" วง /'woŋ/. If the context calls for it, use the full form วงดนตรี. With context, วง alone will often suffice.

Bonus vocab:
วงดุริยางค์ /'woŋ du.ri'yaaŋ/ n. orchestra.
แตรวง /trɛɛ 'woŋ/ n. brass band.
วงแตก /'woŋ 'tɛ̀ɛk/ v. (of a band) to break up; the band broke up. By extension, this also refers to other types of group breakups, like a comedy team.

Bonus bonus vocab:
วงไพ่ n. a circle of card players (see also วงเหล้า)
วงการ n. professional or vocational circle, e.g. วงการนักเขียน "writer's circles, literary circles"
ร่วมวง v. join the group, join the party

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  1. Rick Bradford3/28/2009 9:36 AM

    Another group to which I have seen วงการ applied is 'hi-so'; high-society circles.