March 8, 2009

Word of the Day: ระบุ /raˈbùʔ/

Word of the Day for Sunday, March 8, 2009:

ระบุ /raˈbùʔ/ v. to specify, mention specifically

This is a nice specific word (har har), so you don't have to resort to a more generic verb like บอก. A couple examples:

"The report said that..."

"The evidence specified/showed that..."

The negative form, ไม่ระบุ /ˈmây raˈbùʔ/ is useful to correspond to English "it doesn't say", so often uttered in reference to things that don't actually speak -- like menus, pill bottles, or furniture instructions. How many ounces does the menu say that steak is? ไม่ระบุ ... Does the bottle say this medicine is supposed to be taken with food? ไม่ระบุ ... What's the difference between an A screw and a B screw? ไม่ระบุ

Not to be overused, but another good word to know. Try fitting it into a conversation.

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