February 26, 2009

Want to help the Thai cinema industry? Buy bonds from Major

Reuters reports that Major Cineplex, Thailand's largest cinema chain, is strapped for cash, and so is planning to sell bonds for as much as 1.5 billion baht (US$42 million). This comes because the company's net profit fell by a startling 50% in 2008.

So if you're into that sort of thing, go ahead and loan Major some of your hard-earned cash by buying bonds. Maturities are up to five years. No word on the interest yet.

Newer movie theaters in Bangkok are actually very nice. I particularly like the semi-reclining seats that are common here. Better even than many newer theaters in the U.S.

In college I worked as a projectionist (among other duties) bouncing between three different theaters. Two were on campus, the other was the local first-run movie theater. It was founded in 1916. And while it was continually remodeling and upgrading, and had lots of character and history, it was still a sparse experience, comfort-wise.

In today's world movie theaters need to keep the theater-going experience attractive to dissuade people from just downloading or waiting for the DVD. There's a lot more they can do yet, but kudos to the local chains like Major for having generally very good facilities. Not to mention that most theaters here have the (pricey) loveseat option, with in-chair massagers, blankets, slippers, and popcorn thrown into the package. Good for the occasional splurge with the missus.

It would be a shame to see them go.

[Via Thai New Portal]

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