February 17, 2009

New recruits for the Royal Thai Police

[Update, December 17, 2009: Channel 3 ran a news report tonight stating that the police mannequins are being removed. A police official gave an interview stating that they received complaints from the public that the mannequins do not solve traffic problems (shocker!), and also give the impression that the police are too lazy to do their jobs.]

Has anyone else noticed the extremely diligent and friendly new police officers standing at many intersections in Bangkok? Here's a photo I snapped:

These are, of course, mannequin policemen. I've seen them at dozens of intersections everywhere I frequent. A closer look:

So, is it just me, or does anyone else think some police bigwig's nephew owns a mannequin factory? Why else would they buy these? The flesh and blood variety of policemen are not paid much .. I wonder how many of those they could have hired for the same price.

And you thought the real cops were dummies! (Couldn't resist.)

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