February 24, 2009

Tourism Authority of Thailand wants to publish your blog

So this is interesting. The Tourism Authority of Thailand is looking for submissions of articles and "blogs" (by which they mean blog posts) about traveling in Thailand for what we might call a "Franken-blog" on their Amazing Thailand site.

Submissions are subject to approval, as well as editing for content, grammar and spelling. They'll link back to your website if they post your work. So if that's all cool with you, feel free to submit.

Taking a look at the RSS feed provided, so far there are only half a dozen posts. Three are unattributed, and are probably produced in-house. The other three are from writers at thai-blogs.com like Stephen Cleary.

This new blog of theirs is only a month old, so writers submitting work probably already get more traffic than it does. But if it picks up steam, that could change.

Read the details for more information.


  1. Sounds like a bad deal, just for a link you give away your content and allow them to censure it as they wish. Only hotels or such would be interested to do that, to get their website promoted better. But since publishing blog content is easy, and then only thing they might offer is more traffic, I doubt any blogger would join in. If they'd do a blog aggregation instead, and eventually censure postings they don't like, then I would submit my travel blog. I doubt anything like the litter on the beach I posted once would go through their censure.

    By the way, there's also a travel blog by Eugene Tang hosted at TAT, and even though it has great photos and some interesting places, the lack of anything non-enthusiastic makes it a bit artificial.

  2. I think it's a pretty lame deal, too.

    It's TAT's job to convince tourists to come to the country, so it's highly unlikely they'll provide a balanced perspective about the good and bad. Thus, they're probably the last place I'd look for reviews of anything. Maybe ideas of new places to visit, though.

    That Eugene Tang blog has auto-play music ... why does anybody still think that's a good idea?

  3. Their multi-million dollar promotional budgets not being enough, they now have to engage foreigners in denial about the ugly side of Thailand and Thai life to shill for them?

    This tells us quite clearly just how desperate the TAT truly is.

  4. Just had a look at the Tourism Thailand website and was frankly stunned by the blog content they have accepted. Are they trying to deter people from ever visiting Thailand?

    Lousiest beaches