February 19, 2009

Thai film ratings system to take effect in May

WiseKwai, as always, keeps us informed on the latest film news. Thailand's first film rating system, empowered by the Film and Video Act of 2007 [PDF], will take effect May 2009.

The quick version, condensed by WK from yesterday's Daily Xpress story:
  • General Audiences -- No sex, abusive language or violence.
  • Promote -- Films that should be promoted on the basis of cultural or artistic merit.
  • 13 -- No violence, brutality, inhumanity, bad language or indecent gestures.
  • 15 -- Some violence, brutality, inhumanity, bad language or indecent gestures allowed.
  • 18 -- No exposed genitalia, crime or drugs.
  • 20 -- Sex scenes allowed but no exposed genitalia.
  • Ban -- Films that offend the monarchy, threaten national security, hamper national unity, insult faiths, disrespect honourable figures, challenge morals or contain explicit sex scenes.

The new law replaces the Film Act of 1930 [PDF]. Ideally, it would have eliminated (or at least reduced) censorship. This looks set to further empower the censors. Films will still be banned, and its unclear whether they'll still use the pixelation-style censorhip they've done in the past.

We'll have to wait and see how it plays out in real life.

Head over to the Thai Film Journal for more details.

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