September 19, 2007

On Prabda Yoon

I'm in the mood for a non-linguistic post at the moment. I want to point those of you who haven't yet seen them to the blogs of Thai writer Prabda Yoon (ปราบดา หยุ่น): both English and Thai. Prabda's always got something interesting to say, whether he's translating Vonnegut into Thai (big kudos), or philosophizing on a self-portrait, he's worth reading.

Or maybe I have a soft spot for Prabda because his short story collection, ความน่าจะเป็น (Probability), was one of early books I read after I became brave enough in my study of Thai to begin to read Thai literature. He's plenty capable to translate his work into English himself, but I've often fancied the idea. Maybe I'll follow his lead with Vonnegut and translate one of his stories on my blog. Promises, promises.

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