September 27, 2007


The blog is going to look rather sparse for a while. I was using an old Blogger template, and I have to recreate my old template in the "new" Blogger format. Switching allows me to more easily tweak the blog layout, though. Anyhow, don't jump ship in the meantime. Unless you like the minimalist blog look. It has a charm of its own, I suppose.


  1. It's looking better already, so thanks for putting in the time!

  2. In light of our recent conversations, I'm waiting on a series of posts about Thai cinema. You can find a way to make that relevant to your blog, can't ya?

  3. Thanks, cat. :) And Torben, I do want to do more posts about Thai cinema. Of course it's relevant--although I have a strong tendency to focus on things linguistic, I'm all for branching out. I just can't promise when I'll do it..