September 17, 2007

Language Scraps and a quote on Language Log

I'm still on the road. Or, still at home, depending on how you look at it. My wife and I were supposed to be back in Bangkok by now, but Uncle Sam is taking his sweet time processing some paperwork for her, so we're sitting on our hands at my folks' house in Washington state in the meantime. In theory that means I should have more time to post on this blog (and for a while I was doing really well), but 'tis not always so. Thank you to those who are still reading.

In other news, though, my friend Torben invited me to contribute on a new blog he's just started, Language Scraps. It's a collaborative blog, a scrapbook (or scrapblog, if you will) of all things linguistic, for general consumption. I plan to write about things that interest me in the non-Thai sphere of language. So feel free to read along there. There's a whole slew of contributors. It should be a grand old time.

And finally, I discovered today that I'm quoted (not by name) on perhaps the most widely-read linguistics blog out there: Language Log. In the post LibraryThing for Linguists from back in April, Arnold Zwicky mentions the group I started on LibraryThing, back in 2006 in those first days after Tim introduced the groups feature. Specifically, he quoted the description of the group I Survived the Great Vowel Shift (a little in-joke for anyone who's ever taken linguistics 101):

A group for linguists, armchair linguists, would-be linguists, budding linguists, linguists-in-training, linguistic anthropologists, and/or anybody interested in the scientific study of languages. If Noam Chomsky is your hero... you can join, too. :)
Yes, that's a dig at Noam Chomsky. But an intentionally ambiguous and vague one. Chomsky's linguistic work isn't my cup of tea, but I don't want to start a debate with Steven Pinker or anything.

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