August 13, 2008

Two Thailand blogs changing directions

I'm slow posting about this, but like a one-two punch, two Thailand blogs I read regularly have announced they're moving on to other things.

Matt at Thailand's Lost Boy announced on July 30 that he is moving away from Thailand later this month. While he will continue to blog, the focus will shift away from the Land of Smiles. I'll continue to subscribe.

And on August 1, the author of The Siam Sentinel announced he is closing up shop completely, due to a busy schedule. After two further posts, the blog hasn't been updated since.

Both of these blogs have large archives with hundreds of posts. They are well worth reading. I hope that everyone who isn't already a reader of these blogs can find the time to acquaint themselves.

Best of luck to the both of them in their new endeavors.


  1. Merci beaucoup. Although you don't know it, I've been enjoying your columns in the Gazette. :p

  2. The writer of another blog Chut|Bloc, has announced a move to another Wordpress blog.

  3. Matt, I'm glad you're enjoying them.

    Wise Kwai, I hadn't heard of that blog before. Thanks for the heads up, I've just subscribed.

  4. Another blog worth visiting is Bangkok Escort, A Thai Girls Diary.

    Interesting to get the other perspective.

    / Robert