January 16, 2009

Thai 102: Electric Boogaloo

I managed to keep myself busy and distracted with other things for ten -- count 'em -- ten weeks. The momentum of sloth is hard to overcome sometimes. Many apologies.

But after 25 hours of travel, a bit of rest, and all the green mango I can eat, I'm back. Both physically and mentally.

Starting now I'll again be posting regularly on Thai 101. I've got books to give away, questions to answer, and a ridiculous number of half-written posts to complete (41, to be precise).

Analytics tell me that readership has actually increased since I dropped off the face of the earth, funnily enough. I get a lot of my energy and momentum to write from you all, so please, send emails, leave comments, stalk me on Facebook, what have you.

Tell me what you want more of, less of, exactly the same amount of. I know I tend to start topics and then never get back to them. Such is the way my brain works. But for me, what I enjoy most about blogging is the dialogue and sharing of ideas.

And what was I doing while I was AWOL? Playing with this little gal, that's what:

(Also, no, I'm not changing the name of the blog. Wikipedia will explain the joke.)


  1. You certainly have the inspiration, so please do keep enjoying to write! :) Farangs all around like whatever you have inspiration for -- I'm especially fond of the cultural notes, the difference between thai and farang mindset. But indeed, where would I read about the origin of สวัสดี or colorful thai names as well? :)

    Have a nice weekend,

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Gabor. I'll do my best to keep it up!