August 25, 2007

Tripping the flight fantastic

A heads up--I'm leaving on a trip on Monday. My wife and I are spending about three weeks in the U.S. to visit family and so I can attend a conference in Maryland. I'll be presenting at SEALS XVII on a piece of research I've been working on (off and on) for more than a year. Expect more details after the fact, since I'm still working on the talk.

I'll try my best to write regular posts while I'm traveling. Part of my trip involves a cross-country drive, though, so bear with me if things get sporadic.


  1. Some of those presentations look very interesting.. will there be transcripts available?

  2. SEALS publishes a conference proceeding of talks from that year's conference. It's been proposed this year that the proceedings be changed to a regular peer-reviewed journal, which would include a distribution model change that puts the contents online for free, too. If that gets approved, I'll post about it.

    As for me, I'll think about a transcript of my talk. I'm going to be expanding my talk into a paper, but I can see the benefit of putting up the 20-minute "conversational" version, too. Good idea.