August 3, 2007

Got ideas?

One of the most challenging things about writing this blog, I'm finding, is choosing topics to write about. Not for lack of material, mind you--quite the opposite. Deciding what aspect of Thai language or culture to write my next entry on isn't always easy. I usually have several posts underway at any given time, but many of them sit unfinished for days or weeks.

Got a good idea? Send it my way. If there's something you're curious about, or something I've written about and you'd like more of, let me know. I'm not an expert (yet), but I'll happily have a crack at it. Leave a comment, or write me at rdockum at

(P.S. This doesn't mean I want to get asked how to write your name in Thai so you can get a tattoo. This is a surprisingly common question. I'll tell you up front: I'll probably tell you the wrong thing just to amuse myself. Ha! Besides, most common names are already in the dictionary at, and if not, there are several forums where people frequently ask those sorts of questions already.)

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