June 8, 2010

More podcast appearances

I've been remiss in posting to the blog again lately. The blame lies partially on the trip I took with my family in April to the US, but also on the recent political turmoil, which I got wholly caught up in following.

Recently I've been a guest on a couple of podcast episodes, though. Changkhui in English did a special episode about life during and after the riots for average, non-protesting residents like ourselves. I dragged Greg of Greg to Differ along with me in our (or at least my) video podcast debut.

And if you haven't heard of it yet, check out Greg's new show Bangkok Podcast, which he co-hosts with Tony Joh of thai-faq.com. I recorded multiple segments for future shows, in which we discuss the Thai language and how learning it can change your experience in Thailand. Those will air once per month; the first one went live today.

For iTunes users, check out the shows with these links:
Changkhui in English -- Bangkok Podcast

Good old-fashioned mp3 links:
Changkhui in English 10 -- Bangkok Podcast 4

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