January 28, 2010

Podcast: Wise Kwai's top 10 Thai films of 2009

I got together with Passakorn (Hong) and Wise Kwai again this week for another episode of Changkhui in English. Last time we talked about Wise Kwai's top 10 Thai films of the decade. This time we looked at the year 2009 in film. You can read Wise Kwai's original top 10 of 2009 post on his Thai Film Journal.

Other topics we touched on include the new film rating system enacted last year, censorship, the Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project, and more. All in all the episode is 90 minutes. We did tend to ramble on a bit, but so be it.

You can get the episode from the Changkhui in English page, or download using the direct mp3 link. (See also Wise Kwai's writeup about this episode.)


  1. Sounds great. I just downloaded it and will listen it during the week-end. Nice to be able to put now a face over names also! Nice picture.

  2. You got a special shout out on this episode, btw. :)

  3. Thanks for the shout out :) I really enjoyed the episode. Wish it would last 2 hours :) After listening to the podcast I really want to watch Colors of Our Hearts and Agrarian Utopia. Hope to meet you guys during a next trip to Thailand.

  4. Excellent Rikker! I'm behind on everything (as usual) but I'll get to this episode too.