May 8, 2009

คนพวกนั้น (Those Kind of People)

For those who expressed interest in the Thai-language version Siburapha's story "Those Kind of People" (which I blogged about last week), I have now posted the original story: คนพวกนั้น.

I digitized the text by scanning it and running the scans through ABBYY FineReader 9.0 OCR software. They added Thai support last year and it's by far the best of the meager Thai OCR options. No offense to NECTEC, but their ArnThai is truly terrible in comparison. But it's still not perfect, so I read through it quickly to fix obvious errors. If you spot any more drop me a line and I'll fix them.



  1. I though I'd already commented, but guess not... Thank you for sharing his writing Rikker. It is a good read (more please :-)

  2. You did comment already, in the first posting on the short story.

  3. nice blog will keep dropping back and keep up to date with you on twitter regards john
    udon thani expat blogger

  4. Thanks, john. See you around the Twitterverse...