April 10, 2009

A yellow perspective on red shirts

Politics are crazy in Thailand, as usual. I avoid getting into it all, at least in the public forum. In my day-to-day life, I work near Victory Monument, which has recently become a site for demonstrations.

Today the Bangkok locals on Twitter were abuzz with news and comments after taxis blockaded all roads into the roundabout at Victory Monument. The so-called "Red Shirts" (UDD) gathered en masse. I tweeted what I could see from my balcony. Breaking Tweets featured the story.

It was interesting to see opinions from both sides in real time. One twitterer, clearly not a Red Shirt sympathizer, linked to a phony Red Shirt membership application. It's intentionally offensive to the Thaksin loyal, but it gives a clear picture of how some view the protesters: as uneducated rabblerousers.

Amused, I hastily translated it into English and tweeted it.

Here is the original letter, linked variously on the web, but I read it on this blog on the Manager website (click to embiggen):


  1. What do Thai call the เสื้อแดง - apart from that? It is an abbreviation, but I can't recall what it is right now.


  2. It's นปช. (read นอปอชอ) -- you can see it in the top right corner of the fake application.

    Stands for แนวร่วมประชาธิปไตยต่อต้านเผด็จการแห่งชาติ (National United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship) = UDD.

    It used to be นปก. (read นอปอกอ) -- แนวร่วมประชาธิปไตยขับไล่เผด็จการ Democratic Alliance Against Dictatorship) = DAAD.

  3. Excellent, RIkker - I knew you were the guy who would have that answer at hand.

    I thought I'd heard both นปช and นปก, but was starting to question my sanity, or my ears. At least, I was confused...

    Thanks for the detailed clarification.