July 28, 2008

Chinese restaurant named TRANSLATE SERVER ERROR: Wanna open a franchise?

Ah, machine translation. This made my morning (after getting up with baby at 5am):

According to a reader comment on Boing Boing, the Chinese actually reads "dining hall" (canting, 餐厅).

Also courtesy of a clever reader comment: Don't forget to try their Short Stack Error. Or the 404 Not Pound Cakes.

I've done some proofreading for friends and such, and in a tract about animal wildlife in Thailand's national parks, I had to correct ช้างป่า translated as "wide elephants" (think about it) and "underground trees" to "undergrowth". One doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. Usually laugh.

For a virtually infinite supply of unintentional comedy, Engrish.com be to happy making you the website laugh!

[Via 2Bangkok]


  1. Mostly it makes me cry. But then I laugh. What an emotional roller coaster.

  2. Presumably the person serving you in that restaurant will make an error with your order when trying to translate your badly spoken Mandarin into something that makes sense?