February 11, 2010

Japanese Blogosphere Reacts to Doraemon's Death

Last week I wrote about a full Buddhist funeral held for a Doraemon doll in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Japanese bloggers, amused at the news of the beloved robotic cat's apparent death, are responding the way they know best: with lots of Doraemon ASCII art.

Check out some of the link love. Being able to read Japanese is helpful (but Google Translate also allows you to get the gist): Digimaga.net, Vistanamidame, Karapaia, tokyo.txt-nifty.com, Gakuburu, uiam.at.webry.info, Terrafor.

Nice to be noticed. If only we didn't have to lose poor Doraemon to make this possible.

If you just can't get enough of the Doraemon funeral, see also Channel 3's rather extensive coverage of the bizarre event on YouTube:

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